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"Adding Value Through Accounting Signals"  Wallace, Wanda A., 46/4 (Summer 2004): 120-137.
"Object-Orientation: A Tool for Enterprise Design"  Zinkhan, George M, Richard T. Watson, and Leyland F. Pitt, 46/4 (Summer 2004): 89-110.
"Stealth Marketing: How to Reach Consumers Surreptitiously"  Kaikati, Andrew M., and Jack G. Kaikati, 46/4 (Summer 2004): 6-22.
"The Three Faces of Consumer Promotions"  Raghubir, Priya , J. Jeffrey Inman, and Hans Grande, 46/4 (Summer 2004): 23-42.
"Turning Around Runaway Information Technology Projects"  Iacovou, Charalambos L., and Albert S. Dexter, 46/4 (Summer 2004): 68-88.
"Understanding Customer Choices in E-Financial Services"  Verma, Rohit , Zafar Iqbal, and Gerhard Plaschka, 46/4 (Summer 2004): 43-67.
"What Matters Most: Corporate Values and Social Responsibility"  Hollender, Jeffrey, 46/4 (Summer 2004): 111-119.


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