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"De-Marketing Obesity"  Wansink, Brian, 47/4 (Summer 2005): 6-18.
"Is There a Market for Virtue? The Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility"  Vogel, David J., 47/4 (Summer 2005): 19-45. *
"Learning Through Alliances: General Motors and NUMMI"  Inkpen, Andrew C., 47/4 (Summer 2005): 114-136.
"Managing Formation Processes in R&D Consortia"  Smith Ring, Peter , Yves L. Doz, and Paul M. Olk, 47/4 (Summer 2005): 137-156.
"Modular Strategies: B2B Technology and Architectural Knowledge"  Richard, Pierre J., and Timothy M. Devinney, 47/4 (Summer 2005): 86-113.
"Principles for User Design of Customized Products"  Randall, Taylor , Christian Terwiesch, and Karl T. Ulrich, 47/4 (Summer 2005): 68-85.
"Transferring 'Marketing Knowledge' to the Nonprofit Sector"  Andreasen, Alan R., Ronald C. Goodstein, and Joan W. Wilson, 47/4 (Summer 2005): 46-67.

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