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"Diffusion of Web-Based Product Innovation"  Prandelli, Emanuela , Gianmario Verona, and Deborah Raccagni, 48/4 (Summer 2006): 109-135.
"Logistics Service Providers in Internet Supply Chains"  Rabinovich, Elliot , and A. Michael Knemeyer, 48/4 (Summer 2006): 84-108.
"Managing Creativity in Small Worlds"  Fleming, Lee , and Matt Marx, 48/4 (Summer 2006): 6-27.
"Merging Brands after Mergers"  Basu, Kunal, 48/4 (Summer 2006): 28-40.
"Point of View: Expensing Employee Stock Options Is Improper Accounting"  Hagopian, Kip, 48/4 (Summer 2006): 136-156.
"Realizing the Promise of E-Business: Developing and Leveraging Electronic Partnering Options"  Chatterjee, Debabroto , Albert H. Segars, and Richard T. Watson, 48/4 (Summer 2006): 60-83.
"The Economic Impact of Employee Behaviors on Organizational Performance"  Cascio, Wayne F., 48/4 (Summer 2006): 41-59. *

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