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"Ad Lib: When Customers Create the Ad"  Berthon, Pierre , Leyland F. Pitt, and Colin Campbell, 50/4 (Summer 2008): 6-30.
"Breaking Up is Never Easy: Planning for Exit in a Strategic Alliance"  Gulati, Ranjay , Maxim Sytch, and Parth Mehrotra, 50/4 (Summer 2008): 147-163.
"Managing Collaboration: Improving Team Effectiveness through a Network Perspective"  Cross, Rob , Kate Ehrlich, Ross Dawson, and John Helferich, 50/4 (Summer 2008): 74-98.
"Managing in the Talent Economy: The Football Model for Business"  Brady, Chris , David Bolchover, and Brian Sturgess, 50/4 (Summer 2008): 54-73.
"Managing Proprietary and Shared Platforms"  Eisenmann, Thomas R., 50/4 (Summer 2008): 31-53.
"Outsourcing: From Cost Management to Innovation and Business Value"  Weeks, Michael R., and David Feeny, 50/4 (Summer 2008): 127-146.
"Strategy in Industrial Networks: Experiences from IKEA"  Baraldi, Enrico, 50/4 (Summer 2008): 99-126.


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