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"Bottom-of-the-Pyramid: Organizational Barriers to Implementation"  Olsen, Mette , and Eva Boxenbaum, 51/4 (Summer 2009): 100-125.
"Introduction to a Symposium on Organizational Design"  Beckman, Sara L., 51/4 (Summer 2009): 6-10.
"Liberating Leadership: How the Initiative-Freeing Radical Organizational Form Has Been Successfully Adopted"  Getz, Isaac, 51/4 (Summer 2009): 32-58.
"Multinational Enterprises and the Promotion of Civil Society: The Challenge for 21st Century Capitalism"  Lehrer, Mark , and Christian Delaunay, 51/4 (Summer 2009): 126-147.
"Organizational Ambidexterity: IBM and Emerging Business Opportunities"  O‚ÄôReilly, Charles A., J. Bruce Harreld, and Michael L. Tushman, 51/4 (Summer 2009): 75-99.
"The Emergence and Evolution of the Multidimensional Organization"  Strikwerda, J. , and J. W. Stoelhorst, 51/4 (Summer 2009): 11-31.
"The I-Form Organization"  Miles, Raymond E., Grant Miles, Charles C. Snow, Kirsimarja Blomqvist, and Hector Rocha, 51/4 (Summer 2009): 59-74.


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