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"A Stitch in Time Saves Nine: Leveraging Networks to Reduce the Costs of Turnover"  Ballinger, Gary , Elizabeth Craig, Rob Cross, and Peter Gray, 53/4 (Summer 2011): 111-133.
"How to Foster and Sustain Engagement in Virtual Communities"  Porter, Constance Elise, Naveen Donthu, William H. MacElroy, and Donna Wydra, 53/4 (Summer 2011): 80-110.
"Innovation in Multi-Invention Contexts: Mapping Solutions to Technological and Intellectual Property Complexity"  Teece, David J., Deepak Somaya, and Simon Wakeman, 53/4 (Summer 2011): 47-79.
"Integrating Environmental and International Strategies in a World of Regulatory Turbulence"  Wijen, Frank , and Rob van Tulder, 53/4 (Summer 2011): 23-46.
"It's Not About Winning, It's About Getting Better"  Schroth, Holly A., 53/4 (Summer 2011): 134-153.
"Organizational Ambidexterity in Action: How Managers Explore and Exploit"  O‚ÄôReilly, Charles A., and Michael L. Tushman, 53/4 (Summer 2011): 5-22.


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