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"Building Appropriation Advantage: An Introduction to the Special Issue on Intellectual Property Managemen"  Di Minin, Alberto , and Dries Faems, 55/4 (Summer 2013): 7-14.
"IP Models to Orchestrate Innovation Ecosystems: IMEC, a Public Research Institute in Nano-Electronics"  Leten, Bart , Wim Vanhaverbeke, Nadine Roijakkers, Andre Clerix, and Johan Van Helleputte, 55/4 (Summer 2013): 51-64.
"IP Modularity: Profiting from Innovation by Aligning Product Architecture with Intellectual Property"  Henkel, Joachim , Carliss Y. Baldwin, and Willy Shih, 55/4 (Summer 2013): 65-82.
"Managing Intellectual property Using Patent Pools: Lessons from Three Generations of Pools in the Optical Disc Industry"  de Uijl, Simon , Rudi Bekkers, and Henk J. de Vries, 55/4 (Summer 2013): 31-50.
"Managing the Intellectual Property Disassembly Problem"  Granstrand, Ove , and Marcus Holgersson, 55/4 (Summer 2013): 184-210.
"Operational Challenges and ST’ s Proposed Solutions to Improve Collaboration between IP and R&D in Innovation Processes"  Cesaroni, Fabrizio , and Andrea Piccaluga, 55/4 (Summer 2013): 143-156.
"Protecting Growth Options in Dynamic Markets: The Role of Strategic Disclosure in Integrated Intellectual Property Strategies"  Peters, Tilo , Jana Thiel, and Christopher L. Tucci, 55/4 (Summer 2013): 121-142.
"Recovering Abandoned Compounds Through Expanded External IP Licensing"  Chesbrough, Henry W., and Eric L. Chen, 55/4 (Summer 2013): 83-101.
"Strategic Management of Intellectual Property: An Integrated Approach"  Fisher III, William W., and Felix Oberholzer-Gee, 55/4 (Summer 2013): 157-183.
"Towards the (Strategic) Management of Intellectual Property: Retrospective and Prospective"  Al-Aali, Abdulrahman Y., and David J. Teece, 55/4 (Summer 2013): 15-30.
"Value Articulation: A Framework for the Strategic Management of Intellectual Property"  Conley, James G., Peter M. Bican, and Holger Ernst, 55/4 (Summer 2013): 103-120.


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