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"Chez Panisse: Building an Open Innovation Ecosystem"  Chesbrough, Henry W., Sohyeong Kim, and Alice Agogino, 56/4 (Summer 2014): 144-171.
"Is Revenue Sharing Right for Your Supply Chain?"  Altug, Mehmet Sekip, and Garrett van Ryzin, 56/4 (Summer 2014): 53-81.
"Leanwashing: A Hidden Factor in the Obesity Crisis"  Karnani, Aneel , Brent McFerran, and Anirban Mukhopadhyay, 56/4 (Summer 2014): 5-30.
"Managing Ambiguity in Strategic Alliances"  Kumar, Rajesh, 56/4 (Summer 2014): 82-102.
"Managing Crowds in Innovation Challenges"  Malhotra, Arvind , and Ann Majchrzak, 56/4 (Summer 2014): 103-123.
"Social Media: A Tool for Open Innovation"  Mount, Matthew , and Marian Garcia Martinez, 56/4 (Summer 2014): 124-143.
"Winning in Rural Emerging Markets: General Electric's Research Study on MNCs"  Ancarani, Fabio , Judy K. Frels, Joanne Miller, Chiara Saibene, and Massimo Barberio, 56/4 (Summer 2014): 31-52.


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