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"Balanced Workplace Flexibility: Avoiding the Traps"  Kossek, Ellen Ernst, Rebecca J. Thompson, and Brenda A. Lautsch, 57/4 (Summer 2015): 5-25.
"Castlight Health: Disrupting the Health Care Industry"  Raube, Kristiana, 57/4 (Summer 2015): 104-125.
"CGIP: Managing Consumer Generated Intellectual Property"  Berthon, Pierre , Leyland F. Pitt, Jan Kietzmann, and Ian P. McCarthy, 57/4 (Summer 2015): 43-62.
"Consumer Markets for Remanufactured and Refurbished Products"  Abbey, James D., Margaret G. Meloy, Joseph D. Blackburn, and V. Daniel R. Guide, 57/4 (Summer 2015): 26-42.
"Crowdsourcing-Based Business Models: How to Create and Capture Value"  Kohler, Thomas, 57/4 (Summer 2015): 63-84.
"Overcoming Barriers to Entry in an Established Industry: Tesla Motors"  Stringham, Edward Peter, Jennifer Kelly Miller, and J.R. Clark, 57/4 (Summer 2015): 85-103.


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