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"A Model for Research in Comparative Management"  Farmer, Richard N., and Barry M. Richman, 7/2 (Winter 1964): 55-68.
"A View of Corporate Planning Today"  Branch, Melville C., 7/2 (Winter 1964): 89-94.
"Business Climate and Industrial Location in California"  Davisson, William I., and Edward D. Beechert, 7/2 (Winter 1964): 77-88.
"Conflict of Interest"  Strauss, Lewis L., 7/2 (Winter 1964): 3-10.
"Managing the Foreign Teaching Program"  Carter, John P., 7/2 (Winter 1964): 17-24.
"The Decision-Making Grid: A Model of Decision-Making Styles"  Hall, Jay , Vincent O‚ÄôLeary, and Martha Williams, 7/2 (Winter 1964): 43-54.
"The Impact of Numerically Controlled Equipment on Factory Organization"  Williams, Lawrence K., and C. Brian Williams, 7/2 (Winter 1964): 25-34.
"The Long-Range Planning Matrix"  Murdick, R. G., 7/2 (Winter 1964): 35-42.
"The Price Skirmish--A Distinctive Pattern of Competitive Behavior"  Cassady, Ralph, 7/2 (Winter 1964): 11-16.
"The Profitability of a Firm's Purchase of Its Own Common Stock"  Brigham, Eugene F., 7/2 (Winter 1964): 69-76.


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