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"Administering for the Arts: Introduction and Overview"  Adizes, Ichak, 15/2 (Winter 1972): 99-102.
"Boards of Directors in the Performing Arts: A Managerial Analysis"  Adizes, Ichak, 15/2 (Winter 1972): 109-116.
"Corporate Directors Under Fire"  Desfosses, Louis R., and Ephraim P. Smith, 15/2 (Winter 1972): 91-98.
"Currency Turmoil: From Chaos to an Interpretable Program in the Financial Environment"  Burmeister, Harald, 15/2 (Winter 1972): 33-45.
"Fine Arts: A Problem in Risk Management"  Pfeffer, Irving, 15/2 (Winter 1972): 117-127.
"Genius Becomes Rare: A Comment on the Doctrine of Social Responsibility, Pt. I"  Votaw, Dow, 15/2 (Winter 1972): 25-32.
"Indirect Compensation: The Years Ahead"  Sullivan, John F., 15/2 (Winter 1972): 65-76.
"Labor-Management Relations in the Performing Arts: The Case of Los Angeles"  Kleingartner, Archie , and Kenneth Lloyd, 15/2 (Winter 1972): 128-132.
"Making Managerial Appraisal Effective"  Koontz, Harold, 15/2 (Winter 1972): 46-55.
"Meeting the Threat of Managerial Obsolescence"  Burack, Elmer H., 15/2 (Winter 1972): 83-90.
"Pitfalls and Prospects of U.S. Trade with Communist Countries"  Aggarwal, Sumer , and Christopher M. Korth, 15/2 (Winter 1972): 5-16.
"Profiles of Users and Nonusers of the Los Angeles Music Center"  Kaali-Nagy, Christina , and Lee C. Garrison, 15/2 (Winter 1972): 133-143.
"Social Policies for Business"  Steiner, George A., 15/2 (Winter 1972): 17-24.
"The Impact of U.S. Regulation of Foreign Investment"  Stanley, Marjorie T., and John D. Stanley, 15/2 (Winter 1972): 56-64.
"The Needs of Motion Picture Audiences"  Garrison, Lee C., 15/2 (Winter 1972): 144-152.
"Theater as a Temporary System"  Goodman, Lawrence Peter, and Richard Alan Goodman, 15/2 (Winter 1972): 103-108.
"Who Needs an Organization Department?"  Glueck, William F., 15/2 (Winter 1972): 77-82.


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