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"A Responsible Economic Package"  Jones, Sidney L., 18/2 (Winter 1975): 41-48.
"A Strategic Posture Toward Corporate Social Responsibility"  Bowman, Edward H., and Mason Haire, 18/2 (Winter 1975): 49-58.
"BOOK REVIEW: Doing Business with the Future--Profits and Prophecy"  Friedland, Edward I., 18/2 (Winter 1975): 93-96.
"Business Payoffs Abroad: Rhetoric and Reality"  Nehemkis, Peter, 18/2 (Winter 1975): 5-20.
"Getting More Information from Customer Surveys"  Myers, James H., and Edward W. Forgy, 18/2 (Winter 1975): 66-72.
"Managing Strategic Surprise by Response to Weak Signals"  Ansoff, H. Igor, 18/2 (Winter 1975): 21-33.
"New York City: A Portrait in Marketing Mania"  Shanklin, William L., 18/2 (Winter 1975): 34-40.
"The Effect of the Size of Firms on Managerial Attitudes"  Liao, Shu S., 18/2 (Winter 1975): 59-65.
"The Political and Economic Impact of Current Criticisms of Business"  Vogel, David J., 18/2 (Winter 1975): 86-92.
"Transactions in Management"  Bowen, Donald D., and Raghu Nath, 18/2 (Winter 1975): 73-85.


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