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"Career Planning for Employee Development: A Primer for Managers"  Bowen, Donald D., and Douglas T. Hall, 20/2 (Winter 1977): 23-35.
"Development Policy and the Interdependence of the Western Hemisphere"  Orfila, A., 20/2 (Winter 1977): 103-106.
"Environmental Policy Trends Facing Multinationals"  Gladwin, Thomas N., 20/2 (Winter 1977): 81-93.
"Interdependence Among Governments: Key to Managing the International Economy"  Fowler, Henry H., 20/2 (Winter 1977): 94-98.
"Interdependence and New Responsibilities"  Van Lennep, Emile, 20/2 (Winter 1977): 107-111.
"Limits to the Use of Consultative-Participative Management"  Fox, William M., 20/2 (Winter 1977): 17-22.
"New International Economic Order: Fact or Fairytale?"  Peterson, Peter G., 20/2 (Winter 1977): 99-102.
"Planned Entry--Planned Exit: A Concept and an Approach"  Matthews, William E., and Wayne I. Boucher, 20/2 (Winter 1977): 36-44.
"Successful Business Innovation: A Survey of Current Professional Views"  Sands, Saul , and Kenneth M. Warwick, 20/2 (Winter 1977): 5-16.
"The CPA’s Role in Real Estate Projections"  Cerf, Alan Robert, 20/2 (Winter 1977): 45-56.
"The President and the Board of Directors: A Head-On Collision"  Charan, Ram, 20/2 (Winter 1977): 57-66.
"Transition at the Top"  Browne, William G., and Kurt K. Motamedi, 20/2 (Winter 1977): 67-73.
"Warehouse Retailing: A Revolutionary Force in Distribution?"  Bates, Albert D., 20/2 (Winter 1977): 74-80.


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