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"Computers, Modeling, and Management Education"  Bonini, Charles P., 21/2 (Winter 1978): 47-55.
"Conflict and Collaboration: Some Concluding Observations"  Thomas, Kenneth W., David W. Jamieson, and R. Kenneth Moore, 21/2 (Winter 1978): 91-95.
"'Conflict Management' and 'Conflict Resolution' Are Not Synonymous Terms"  Robbins, Stephen P., 21/2 (Winter 1978): 67-75.
"Development Strategies of Organizational Productivity"  Crandall, N. Fredric, and Leland M. Wooton, 21/2 (Winter 1978): 37-46.
"Introduction: Conflict and the Collaborative Ethic"  Thomas, Kenneth W., 21/2 (Winter 1978): 56-60.
"Managing Organizational Conflict: Collaboration, Bargaining, and Power Approaches"  Derr, C. Brooklyn, 21/2 (Winter 1978): 76-83.
"Multinational Corporations and the Changing World Economic Order"  Steade, Richard D., 21/2 (Winter 1978): 5-12.
"Power Training: An Alternative Path to Conflict Management"  Chesler, Mark A., James E. Crowfoot, and Bunyan I. Bryant, 21/2 (Winter 1978): 84-90.
"Problems of Human Resource Management in Rapidly Growing Companies"  Kotter, John Paul, and Vijay Sathe, 21/2 (Winter 1978): 29-36.
"Sino-American Economic Relations: Constraints, Opportunities, and Prospects"  Richman, Barry M., 21/2 (Winter 1978): 13-28.
"Some Normative Issues in Conflict Management"  Filley, A. C., 21/2 (Winter 1978): 61-66.


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