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"Corporate Social Responsibility in Hong Kong"  Gill, Roger W.T., and Lisa J. Leinbach, 25/2 (Winter 1983): 107-123.
"FSLIC: A Financial Buffer?"  Boggs, H. Glenn, and Claude C. Lilly, 25/2 (Winter 1983): 96-106.
"Organizing a Strategic Information Scanning System"  Aaker, David A., 25/2 (Winter 1983): 76-83.
"Productivity: A New Perspective"  English, Jon , and Anthony R. Marchione, 25/2 (Winter 1983): 57-66.
"Should a Country Move toward International Strategic Market Planning?"  Nielsen, Richard P., 25/2 (Winter 1983): 34-44.
"Spin-Offs and the New Firm Formation Process"  Garvin, David A., 25/2 (Winter 1983): 3-20.
"The Theory Z Organization from a Power-Control Perspective"  Robbins, Stephen P., 25/2 (Winter 1983): 67-75.
"Webb-Pomerene and the Construction Industry"  Rabino, Samuel, 25/2 (Winter 1983): 21-33.
"Why Large Corporations Purchase Property/Liability Insurance"  Main, Brian G.M., 25/2 (Winter 1983): 84-95.
"Worker Motivation: Unsolved Problem or Untapped Resource?"  Rabinowitz, William , Kenneth Falkenbach, Jeffrey R. Travers, C. Glenn Valentine, and Paul Weener, 25/2 (Winter 1983): 45-56.


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