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"A Debate on the Future of Research in Business and Society"  Frederick, William C., and David J. Vogel, 28/2 (Winter 1986): 125-155.
"Accounting Lag: The Obsolescence of Cost Accounting Systems"  Kaplan, Robert S., 28/2 (Winter 1986): 174-199. *
"BOOK REVIEW: Megamergers: Corporate America's Billion Dollar Takeovers"  Votaw, Dow, 28/2 (Winter 1986): 200-205.
"Changing Patterns of International Competition"  Porter, Michael E., 28/2 (Winter 1986): 9-40.
"Countertrade, Offsets, Barter, and Buybacks"  Cohen, Stephen S., and John Zysman, 28/2 (Winter 1986): 41-56.
"Issues in Understanding and Changing Corporate Culture"  Kilmann, Ralph H., Mary J. Saxton, and Roy Serpa, 28/2 (Winter 1986): 87-94. *
"Managing Culture: The Invisible Barrier to Strategic Change"  Lorsch, Jay W., 28/2 (Winter 1986): 95-109. *
"Political Risk Analysis and Direct Foreign Investment: Some Problems of Definition and Measurement"  Sethi, S. Prakash, and K. A. N. Luther, 28/2 (Winter 1986): 57-68.
"Political Risk in the Gulf: The Impact of the Iran-Iraq War on Governments and Multinational Corporations"  Kassicieh, Suleiman K., and Jamal R. Nassar, 28/2 (Winter 1986): 69-86.
"The Breakup of the Bell System: A Case Study in Cultural Transformation"  Tunstall, W. Brooke, 28/2 (Winter 1986): 110-124. *
"The Study of Social Issues in Management: A Critical Appraisal"  Vogel, David J., 28/2 (Winter 1986): 142-151.
"Toward CSR3: Why Ethical Analysis Is Indispensable and Unavoidable in Corporate Affairs"  Frederick, William C., 28/2 (Winter 1986): 126-141.
"Worker Adjustment: The Missing Ingredient in Trade Policy"  Charnovitz, Steve, 28/2 (Winter 1986): 156-173.

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