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"Corporate Philanthropy: A Strategic Approach to the Bottom-Line"  Mescon, Timothy S., and Donn J. Tilson, 29/2 (Winter 1987): 49-61.
"Corporate Saints and Sinners: The Effects of Philanthropic and Illegal Activity on Organizational Performance"  Wokutch, Richard E., and Barbara A. Spencer, 29/2 (Winter 1987): 62-77.
"Cross-Investment: A Second Front of Economic Rivalry"  Encarnation, Dennis J., 29/2 (Winter 1987): 20-48. *
"Facade and Self-Deception in the Deteriorating Financial Firm"  Balderston, Frederick E., 29/2 (Winter 1987): 101-111.
"Organizational Culture as a Source of High Reliability"  Weick, Karl E., 29/2 (Winter 1987): 112-127.
"Pension Funds and Contests for Corporate Control"  Heard, James E., 29/2 (Winter 1987): 89-100.
"The Fitful Career of Advocacy Advertising: Political Protection, Client Cultivation, and Corporate Morale"  Marchand, Roland, 29/2 (Winter 1987): 128-156.
"U.S.-Japan Trade Friction: Creating a New Relationship"  Prestowitz, Clyde V., 29/2 (Winter 1987): 9-19.
"WPPSS: Some Basic Lessons for Public Enterprise Managers"  Leigland, James, 29/2 (Winter 1987): 78-88.

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