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"Bilateral Protectionism: Lessons from a Cause Célèbre"  Pasquero, Jean, 30/2 (Winter 1988): 124-141.
"Ethical and Legal Aspects of Managing Corporate Cultures"  Drake, Bruce H., and Eileen Drake, 30/2 (Winter 1988): 107-123.
"Facing Up to the Need for a Management Revolution"  Peters, Tom, 30/2 (Winter 1988): 7-38. *
"Management Buyouts and Managerial Ethics"  Bruner, Robert F., and Lynn Sharp Paine, 30/2 (Winter 1988): 89-106.
"Market and Institutional Factors in Corporate Contributions"  Useem, Michael, 30/2 (Winter 1988): 77-88.
"Patterns of Entry: Pathways to New Markets"  Willard, Gary E., and Arun M. Savara, 30/2 (Winter 1988): 57-76.
"Statecraft, Strategy, and Corporate Leadership"  Bower, Joseph Lyon, and Martha Wagner Weinberg, 30/2 (Winter 1988): 39-56.
"The Debt Problem: Not Only a Financial Problem"  Silva Herzog, Jesus, 30/2 (Winter 1988): 142-153.

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