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"Adapting to Technology and Competition: A New Industrial Relations System for the 21st Century"  Miles, Raymond E., 31/2 (Winter 1989): 9-28.
"Computerization in Domestic and International Manufacturing"  Gold, Bela, 31/2 (Winter 1989): 129-143.
"Continuity and Change in Japanese Management"  Mroczkowski, Tomasz , and Masao Hanaoka, 31/2 (Winter 1989): 39-53.
"Europe 1992--Opportunity or Threat for U.S. Business: The Case of Telecommunications"  Thimm, Alfred L., 31/2 (Winter 1989): 54-75.
"Managing Assets and Skills: The Key to a Sustainable Competitive Advantage"  Aaker, David A., 31/2 (Winter 1989): 91-106.
"Strategy Making in High-Technology Firms: The Empiricist Mode"  Bahrami, Homa , and Stuart Evans, 31/2 (Winter 1989): 107-128.
"The Changing Face of Employees and Employment Regulation"  Leonard, Jonathan S., 31/2 (Winter 1989): 29-38.
"The Other Drug War: U.S.-Japan Trade in Pharmaceuticals"  Yoshikawa, Aki, 31/2 (Winter 1989): 76-90.


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