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"Accelerating the Development of Technology-Based New Products"  Gupta, Ashok K., and David L. Wilemon, 32/2 (Winter 1990): 24-44.
"After Tiananmen: What Is the Future for Foreign Business in China?"  Simon, Denis Fred, 32/2 (Winter 1990): 106-123.
"Beyond the Charismatic Leader: Leadership and Organizational Change"  Nadler, David A., and Michael L. Tushman, 32/2 (Winter 1990): 77-97.
"Productivity Planning and Strategy in Retailing"  Samiee, Saeed, 32/2 (Winter 1990): 54-76.
"Research to Product: A Major U.S. Challenge"  Spencer, William J., 32/2 (Winter 1990): 45-53.
"Strategic Issues in Managing Change: The Turnaround at BankAmerica Corporation"  Clausen, A. W., 32/2 (Winter 1990): 98-105.
"The Neglect of Engineering Design"  Dixon, John R., and Michael R. Duffey, 32/2 (Winter 1990): 9-23.
"Why the Japanese Don’t Export More Pharmaceuticals: Health Policy as Industrial Policy"  Reich, Michael R., 32/2 (Winter 1990): 124-150.


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