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"Black Monday in New York, Blue Tuesday in Tokyo: The October 1987 Crash in Japan"  Schaede, Ulrike, 33/2 (Winter 1991): 39-57.
"Coming of Middle Age in Business and Society"  Cheit, Earl F., 33/2 (Winter 1991): 71-87.
"Get Innovative or Get Dead (Part II)"  Peters, Tom, 33/2 (Winter 1991): 9-23. *
"Global Players, Western, Tactics, Japanese Outcomes: The New Japanese Market for Corporate Control"  Kester, W. Carl, 33/2 (Winter 1991): 58-70. *
"Soviet-U.S. Joint Ventures: Pioneers on a New Frontier"  Rosten, Keith A., 33/2 (Winter 1991): 88-108.
"Success Under Fire: Policies to Prosper in Turbulent Times"  Potter, Donald V., 33/2 (Winter 1991): 24-38.
"There Is More to Trade than Trade: An Analysis of the U.S./Canada Trade Agreement 1988"  Turner, John N., 33/2 (Winter 1991): 109-119.

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