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"Achieving Dynamic Stability through Information Technology"  Boynton, Andrew C., 35/2 (Winter 1993): 58-77.
"Building Competitive Advantage Through a Global Network of Capabilities"  Bartmess, Andrew , and Keith Cerny, 35/2 (Winter 1993): 78-103.
"Government Business Relations in the European Community"  Calingaert, Michael, 35/2 (Winter 1993): 118-133.
"Health Care Costs: A Moral and Economic Problem"  Enthoven, Alain C., 35/2 (Winter 1993): 134-151.
"Japan’s Growing Capabilities in Industrial Technology"  Mowery, David C., and David J. Teece, 35/2 (Winter 1993): 9-34.
"The European Community, International Trade, and World Unity"  Dischamps, Jean-Claude, 35/2 (Winter 1993): 104-117.
"Training, Continuous Improvement, and Human Relations: The U.S. TWI Programs and the Japanese Management Style"  Robinson, Alan G., and Dean M. Schroeder, 35/2 (Winter 1993): 35-57.


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