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"Corporate Restructuring in Russian Privatizations: Implications for U.S. Investors"  Filatotchev, Igor , Robert E. Hoskisson, Trevor Buck, and Mike Wright, 38/2 (Winter 1996): 87-105.
"Developing Global Strategies for Service Businesses"  Lovelock, Christopher H., and George S. Yip, 38/2 (Winter 1996): 64-86.
"Economics and Organization: A Primer"  Williamson, Oliver E., 38/2 (Winter 1996): 131-146.
"Information Technology and Accelerated Science: The Case of the Pentium Flaw"  Uzumeri, Mustafa V., and Charles A. Snyder, 38/2 (Winter 1996): 44-63.
"Performance Issues in U.S.-China Joint Ventures"  Osland, Gregory E., and S. Tamer Cavusgil, 38/2 (Winter 1996): 106-130.
"Strategic Dissonance"  Burgelman, Robert A., and Andrew S. Grove, 38/2 (Winter 1996): 8-28.
"The Politics of Forecasting: Managing the Truth"  Galbraith, Craig S., and Gregory B. Merrill, 38/2 (Winter 1996): 29-43.


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