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"Achieving Success in Information Systems Outsourcing"  Saunders, Carol , Mary Gebelt, and Qing Hu, 39/2 (Winter 1997): 63-79.
"Conflict and Strategic Choice: How Top Management Teams Disagree"  Eisenhardt, Kathleen M., Jean L. Kahwajy, and L. J. Bourgeois, 39/2 (Winter 1997): 42-62. *
"Contingent Workers in High Risk Environments"  Rousseau, Denise M., and Carolyn Libuser, 39/2 (Winter 1997): 103-123.
"Developing Skills and Pay through Career Ladders: Lessons from Japanese and U.S. Companies"  Brown, Clair , and Michael Reich, 39/2 (Winter 1997): 124-144.
"Integrated Strategy, Trade Policy, and Global Competition"  Baron, David P., 39/2 (Winter 1997): 145-169.
"Managing Intellectual Capital: Licensing and Cross-Licensing in Semiconductors and Electronics"  Grindley, Peter C., and David J. Teece, 39/2 (Winter 1997): 8-41.
"The Trickle-Down Effect: Policy Decisions, Risky Work, and the Challenger Tragedy"  Vaughan, Diane, 39/2 (Winter 1997): 80-102.

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