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"Attractors: Building Mountains in the Flat Landscape of the World Wide Web"  Watson, Richard T., Sigmund Akselsen, and Leyland F. Pitt, 40/2 (Winter 1998): 36-56.
"Delivering Desired Outcomes Efficiently: The Creative Key to Competitive Strategy"  Chatterjee, Sayan, 40/2 (Winter 1998): 78-95.
"Paradox in Project-Based Enterprise: The Case of Film Making"  DeFillippi, Robert J., and Michael B. Arthur, 40/2 (Winter 1998): 125-139.
"Political Institutions and Electric Utility Investment: A Cross-Nation Analysis"  Bergara, Mario , Witold J. Henisz, and Pablo T. Spiller, 40/2 (Winter 1998): 18-35.
"Seven Practices of Successful Organizations"  Pfeffer, Jeffrey, 40/2 (Winter 1998): 96-124. *
"Strategic Supplier Segmentation: The Next 'Best Practice' in Supply Chain Management"  Dyer, Jeffrey H., Dong Sung Cho, and Wujin Chu, 40/2 (Winter 1998): 57-77.
"The New Meaning of Corporate Social Responsibility"  Reich, Robert B., 40/2 (Winter 1998): 8-17.

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