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"A Silicon Island of the East: Creating a Semiconductor Industry in Singapore"  Mathews, John A., 41/2 (Winter 1999): 55-78.
"Knowledge Management and Competition in the Consulting Industry"  Sarvary, Miklos, 41/2 (Winter 1999): 95-107.
"Knowledge-Worker Productivity: The Biggest Challenge"  Drucker, Peter F., 41/2 (Winter 1999): 79-94.
"Managing Ethics and Legal Compliance: What Works And What Hurts"  TreviƱo, Linda Klebe, Gary R. Weaver, David G. Gibson, and Barbara Ley Toffler, 41/2 (Winter 1999): 131-151.
"Social Capital and Capital Gains in Silicon Valley"  Cohen, Stephen S., and Gary Fields, 41/2 (Winter 1999): 108-130.
"The Art of Standards Wars"  Shapiro, Carl , and Hal R. Varian, 41/2 (Winter 1999): 8-32.
"When Does Restructuring Improve Economic Performance?"  Bowman, Edward H., Harbir Singh, Michael Useem, and Raja Bhadury, 41/2 (Winter 1999): 33-54.


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