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"Avoiding the Pitfalls of Emerging Technologies"  Day, George S., and Paul J.H. Schoemaker, 42/2 (Winter 2000): 8-33.
"Common Interest, Common Good: Creating Value through Business and Social Sector Partnerships"  Sagawa, Shirley , and Eli Segal, 42/2 (Winter 2000): 105-122. *
"Does a Currency Union Boost International Trade?"  Rose, Andrew K., 42/2 (Winter 2000): 52-62.
"Identifying Who Matters: Mapping Key Players in Multiple Environments"  Cummings, Jeffrey L., and Jonathan Doh, 42/2 (Winter 2000): 83-104.
"Standard or Smokescreen? Implementation of a Voluntary Environmental Code"  Howard, Jennifer , Jennifer Nash, and John Ehrenfeld, 42/2 (Winter 2000): 63-82.
"Strategies of Effective New Product Team Leaders"  Jassawalla, Avan R., and Hemant C. Sashittal, 42/2 (Winter 2000): 34-51.
"The Race to Build Next-Generation Networks"  McGinn, Richard A., 42/2 (Winter 2000): 123-132.

* This article is copyright protected and not available for purchase.

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