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"Data to Knowledge to Results: Building an Analytic Capability"  Davenport, Thomas H., Jeanne G. Harris, David W. De Long, and Alvin L. Jacobson, 43/2 (Winter 2001): 117-138.
"Information Privacy and Marketing: What the U.S. Should (and Shouldn't) Learn from Europe"  Smith, H. Jeff, 43/2 (Winter 2001): 8-33.
"Management Tools and Techniques: A Survey"  Rigby, Darrell, 43/2 (Winter 2001): 139-160.
"Opportunity Recognition and Breakthrough Innovation in Large Established Firms"  O’Connor, Gina Colarelli, and Mark P. Rice, 43/2 (Winter 2001): 95-116.
"Shopping Online for Freedom, Control, and Fun"  Wolfinbarger, Mary , and Mary C. Gilly, 43/2 (Winter 2001): 34-55.
"Store Choice and Shopping Behavior: How Price Format Works"  Tang, Christopher S., David R. Bell, and Teck-Hua Ho, 43/2 (Winter 2001): 56-74.
"Technological Mediation and Commercial Development in the Early Internet Access Market"  Greenstein, Shane, 43/2 (Winter 2001): 75-94.


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