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"Convergence and Divergence in Asian Human Resource Management"  Rowley, Chris , and John Benson, 44/2 (Winter 2002): 90-109.
"Making Invisible Work Visible: Using Social Network Analysis to Support Strategic Collaboration"  Cross, Rob , Stephen P. Borgatti, and Andrew Parker, 44/2 (Winter 2002): 25-46.
"Mastering Balance: How to Meet and Beat a Stronger Opponent"  Yoffie, David B., and Mary Kwak, 44/2 (Winter 2002): 8-24.
"Technology and Organizations: Where’s the Off Button?"  Leavitt, Harold J., 44/2 (Winter 2002): 126-140.
"The Individual as Agent of Organizational Learning"  Friedman, Victor J., 44/2 (Winter 2002): 70-89. *
"The Next Wave of Corporate Community Involvement: Corporate Social Initiatives"  Hess, David , Nikolai Rogovsky, and Thomas W. Dunfee, 44/2 (Winter 2002): 110-125.
"The Winner's Curse in IT Outsourcing: Strategies for Avoiding Relational Trauma"  Kern, Thomas , Leslie P. Willcocks, and Eric van Heck, 44/2 (Winter 2002): 47-69.

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