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"E-Enabled Closed-Loop Supply Chains"  van Nunen, Jo A.E.E., and Rob A. Zuidwijk, 46/2 (Winter 2004): 40-54.
"Meeting the Closed-Loop Challenge: The Case of Remanufacturing"  Seitz, Margarete A., and Ken Peattie, 46/2 (Winter 2004): 74-89.
"Product Modularity and the Design of Closed-Loop Supply Chains"  Krikke, Harold , Ieke le Blanc, and Steef van de Velde, 46/2 (Winter 2004): 23-39.
"Reverse Supply Chains for Commercial Returns"  Blackburn, Joseph D., V. Daniel R. Guide, Gilvan C. Souza, and Luk N. Van Wassenhove, 46/2 (Winter 2004): 6-22.
"Strategic Management of Product Recovery"  Toffel, Michael W., 46/2 (Winter 2004): 120-141.
"Strategic Use of the Secondary Market for Retail Consumer Goods"  Tibben-Lembke, Ronald S., 46/2 (Winter 2004): 90-104.
"Supply Loops and Their Constraints: The Industrial Ecology of Recycling and Reuse"  Geyer, Roland , and Tim Jackson, 46/2 (Winter 2004): 55-73.
"Thinking Outside 'the Box': Designing a Packaging Take-Back System"  Matthews, H. Scott, 46/2 (Winter 2004): 105-119.


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