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"Beyond Valuation: 'Options Thinking' in IT Project Management"  Fichman, Robert G., Mark Keil, and Amrit Tiwana, 47/2 (Winter 2005): 74-96.
"Cisco Systems: Developing a Human Capital Strategy"  Chatman, Jennifer A., Charles A. O‚ÄôReilly, and Victoria Chang, 47/2 (Winter 2005): 137-167.
"Core Objectives: Clarity in Designing Strategy"  Chatterjee, Sayan, 47/2 (Winter 2005): 33-49.
"From 'Silicon Island' to 'Biopolis of Asia': Innovation Policy and Shifting Competitive Strategy in Singapore"  Parayil, Govindan, 47/2 (Winter 2005): 50-73.
"Reflections on (Schumpeterian) Leadership: A Report on a Seminar on Leadership and Management Education"  Augier, Mie-Sophia Elisabeth, and David J. Teece, 47/2 (Winter 2005): 114-136.
"Strategy and the Crystal Cycle"  Mathews, John A., 47/2 (Winter 2005): 6-32.
"The Effects of Participation on B2B Exchanges: A Resource-Based View"  Ordanini, Andrea, 47/2 (Winter 2005): 97-113.


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