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"Architecture and Communication among Product Development Engineers"  Allen, Thomas J., 49/2 (Winter 2007): 23-41.
"Creating and Testing Workplace Strategy"  Kampschroer, Kevin , Judith Heerwagen, and Kevin Powell, 49/2 (Winter 2007): 119-137.
"It's More Than a Desk: Working Smarter through Leveraged Office Design"  Elsbach, Kimberly D., and Beth A. Bechky, 49/2 (Winter 2007): 80-101.
"Lean Assets: New Language for New Workplaces"  Price, If, 49/2 (Winter 2007): 102-118.
"Organizational Ecology and Knowledge Networks"  Becker, Franklin, 49/2 (Winter 2007): 42-61.
"Putting the Organization on Wheels: Workplace Design at SEI"  West, Jr., Alfred P., and Yoram Wind, 49/2 (Winter 2007): 138-153.
"The Concept of Workplace Performance and Its Value to Managers"  Vischer, Jacqueline C., 49/2 (Winter 2007): 62-79.
"Workplace Design: A New Managerial Imperative"  Chan, Jeffrey K., Sara L. Beckman, and Peter G. Lawrence, 49/2 (Winter 2007): 6-22.


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