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"CMR Classics: Corporations, Culture, and Commitment: Motivation and Social Control in Organizations"  O‚ÄôReilly, Charles A., 50/2 (Winter 2008): 85-101.
"CMR Classics: Organizational Vision and Visionary Organizations"  Collins, James C., and Jerry I. Porras, 50/2 (Winter 2008): 117-137.
"CMR Classics: Speed and Strategic Choice: How Managers Accelerate Decision Making"  Eisenhardt, Kathleen M., 50/2 (Winter 2008): 102-116.
"Licensing Strategies of the New "Intellectual Property Vendors""  Davis, Lee, 50/2 (Winter 2008): 6-30.
"Socially Responsible Distribution: Strategies for Reaching the Bottom of the Pyramid"  Vachani, Sushil , and N. Craig Smith, 50/2 (Winter 2008): 52-84.
"The Ethical Commitment to Compliance: Building Value-Based Cultures"  Tyler, Tom , John Dienhart, and Terry Thomas, 50/2 (Winter 2008): 31-51.


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