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"Closing the Capability Gap: Strategic Planning for the Infrastructure Sector"  Dominguez, Damian , Hagen Worch, Jochen Markard, Bernhard Truffer, and Willi Gujer, 51/2 (Winter 2009): 30-50.
"Delivering Innovation in Hospital Construction: Contracts and Collaboration in the UK’s Private Finance Initiative Hospitals Program"  Barlow, James , and Martina Köberle-Gaiser, 51/2 (Winter 2009): 126-143.
"Delusion and Deception in Large Infrastructure Projects: Two Models for Explaining and Preventing Executive Disaster"  Flyvbjerg, Bent , Massimo Garbuio, and Dan Lovallo, 51/2 (Winter 2009): 170-193.
"Developing Cooperative Project Client-Supplier Relationships: How Much to Expect from Relational Contracts?"  Gil, Nuno, 51/2 (Winter 2009): 144-169.
"Infrastructure Meets Business: Building New Bridges, Mending Old Ones -- An Introduction to the Special Issue"  Gil, Nuno , and Sara L. Beckman, 51/2 (Winter 2009): 6-29.
"Innovation in Megaprojects: Systems Integration at London Heathrow Terminal 5"  Davies, Andrew , David Gann, and Tony Douglas, 51/2 (Winter 2009): 101-125.
"The Invisible Green Hand: How Individual Decisions and Markets Can Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions"  Amram, Martha , and Nalin Kulatilaka, 51/2 (Winter 2009): 194-218.
"Towards a Comprehensive Understanding of Public Private Partnerships for Infrastructure Development"  Kwak, Young Hoon, YingYi Chih, and C. William Ibbs, 51/2 (Winter 2009): 51-78.
"Valuing Infrastructure Investment: An Option Games Approach"  Smit, Han T.J., and Lenos Trigeorgis, 51/2 (Winter 2009): 79-100.


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