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"B2B Brand Architecture"  Muylle, Steve , Niraj Dawar, and Deva Rangarajan, 54/2 (Winter 2012): 58-71.
"Corporate Reputations: Built In or Bolted On?"  Dowling, Grahame , and Peter Moran, 54/2 (Winter 2012): 25-42.
"Flexible Footprints: Reconfiguring MNCs for New Value Opportunities"  Maitland, Elizabeth , and Andre Sammartino, 54/2 (Winter 2012): 92-117.
"Misguided Policy? Following Venture Capital into Clean Technology"  Hargadon, Andrew B., and Martin Kenney, 54/2 (Winter 2012): 118-135.
"Taboo Scenarios: How To Think about the Unthinkable"  Schoemaker, Paul J.H., and Philip E. Tetlock, 54/2 (Winter 2012): 5-24.
"The Renaissance CIO Project: The Invisible Factors of Extraordinary Success"  Spitze, James Moffat, and Judith J. Lee, 54/2 (Winter 2012): 72-91.
"Win the Brand Relevance Battle and then Build Competitor Barriers"  Aaker, David A., 54/2 (Winter 2012): 43-57.


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