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"Avoiding the Pitfalls of Overconfidence while Benefiting from the Advantages of Confidence"  Van Zant, Alex B., and Don A. Moore, 55/2 (Winter 2013): 5-23.
"Doing Business Without Exchanging Money: The Scale and Creativity of Modern Barter"  Kaikati, Andrew M., and Jack G. Kaikati, 55/2 (Winter 2013): 46-71.
"Go Configure: The Mix of Purchasing Practices to Choose for Your Supply Base"  Lindgreen, Adam , JoĆ«lle Vanhamme, Erik M. van Raaij, and Wesley J. Johnston, 55/2 (Winter 2013): 72-96.
"Proteolix: A "Me-Too" Success"  Lasky, Larry , and Victoria Chang, 55/2 (Winter 2013): 125-140.
"Self-Inflicted Industry Wounds: Early Warning Signals and Pelican Gambits"  Donaldson, Thomas , and Paul J.H. Schoemaker, 55/2 (Winter 2013): 24-45.
"Simple Rules for Designing Business Models"  Chatterjee, Sayan, 55/2 (Winter 2013): 97-124.


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