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"Contesting the Value of "Creating Shared Value""  Crane, Andrew , Guido Palazzo, Laura J Spence, and Dirk Matten, 56/2 (Winter 2014): 130-153.
"Coping with Open Innovation: Responding to the Challenges of External Engagement in R&D"  Salter, Ammon , and Paola Criscuolo, 56/2 (Winter 2014): 77-94.
"Culture Change at Genentech: Accelerating Strategic and Financial Accomplishments"  Chatman, Jennifer A., 56/2 (Winter 2014): 113-129.
"Employee Contributions to Brand Equity"  Gelb, Betsy D., and Deva Rangarajan, 56/2 (Winter 2014): 95-112.
"Managing Value in Supply Chains: Case Studies on the Sourcing Hub Concept"  Agrawal, Anupam , Arnoud De Meyer, and Luk N. Van Wassenhove, 56/2 (Winter 2014): 23-54.
"Retail Inventory: Managing the Canary in the Coal Mine"  Gaur, Vishal , Saravanan Kesavan, and Ananth Raman, 56/2 (Winter 2014): 54-76.
"Social Capital, Sensemaking, and Recovery: Japanese Companies and the 2011 Earthquake"  Olcott, George , and Nick Oliver, 56/2 (Winter 2014): 5-22.


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