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"What Are Your Signature Stories?"  Aaker, David A., and Jennifer L. Aaker, 58/3 (Spring 2016): 49-65.
"Win the Brand Relevance Battle and then Build Competitor Barriers"  Aaker, David A., 54/2 (Winter 2012): 43-57.
"Marketing in a Silo World: The Challenge for Chief Marketing Officers"  Aaker, David A., 51/1 (Fall 2008): 144-156.
"Innovation: Brand It or Lose It"  Aaker, David A., 50/1 (Fall 2007): 8-24.
"Leveraging the Corporate Brand"  Aaker, David A., 46/3 (Spring 2004): 6-18. *
"The Brand Relationship Spectrum: The Key to the Brand Architecture Challenge"  Aaker, David A., and Erich A. Joachimsthaler, 42/4 (Summer 2000): 8-23. *
"Measuring Brand Equity Across Products and Markets"  Aaker, David A., 38/3 (Spring 1996): 102-120. *
"Building a Brand: The Saturn Story"  Aaker, David A., 36/2 (Winter 1994): 114-133.
"How Will the Japanese Compete in Retail Services?"  Aaker, David A., 33/1 (Fall 1990): 54-67.
"Managing Assets and Skills: The Key to a Sustainable Competitive Advantage"  Aaker, David A., 31/2 (Winter 1989): 91-106.
"How to Select a Business Strategy"  Aaker, David A., 26/3 (Spring 1984): 167-175.
"Organizing a Strategic Information Scanning System"  Aaker, David A., 25/2 (Winter 1983): 76-83.
"Increasing the Effectiveness of Marketing Research"  Aaker, David A., and George S. Day, 23/2 (Winter 1980): 59-65.

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