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Submission Guidelines

Submitting Online
  • Authors should upload manuscripts in Microsoft Word (.doc) format (not as PDFs or .docx).
  • The author(s)' name should not appear anywhere on the actual manuscript or charts, figures, or graphs.
  • You will be required to include a summary (abstract) of its basic argument. 
  • You will be required to include at least three keywords that indicate the general subject of the article.
  • Manuscripts should run between twenty-five and thirty-five pages, double-spaced (6,000 to 9,000 words).  Please inquire with the editor before submitting articles of greater or shorter length.
  • Notes, citations, and references should be numbered in the text and compiled at the end of the manuscript (endnote format).  All bibliographic material should be contained directly in the notes and not as a separate section.
  • Tables, charts, and diagrams should be uploaded as separate documents with references for insertion throughout the document.

Content Guidelines

CMR primarily publishes original articles that are both research based and address issues of current concern to managers.

CMR interprets management broadly, to include subject matter taught in business schools as well as work in other fields that is applicable to management functions and practices. CMR typically publishes articles that extend our knowledge of a given topic either by building upon existing theories or by presenting new empirical work. Every manuscript should also be practitioner oriented, including prescriptive advice for managers that will help them in their role as manager. CMR is particularly interested in manuscripts that focus on corporate strategy and organization, the management of technology, business and public policy, and managing in the global business economy.

Articles that present the results of original research and analysis are given high priority, but we also invite reports on business surveys, analyses or descriptions of new or revised business techniques, and perspectives on contemporary social, economic, and political issues. We also welcome articles by practitioners on contemporary business policies and practices as well as revisions of papers originally prepared for academic conferences or scholarly publications. All submissions are subject to peer review. CMR does not accept multiple submissions (manuscripts simultaneously submitted to other publications).

Style Guidelines
  • Articles should be as jargon-free as possible.  Terminology and acronyms that are not common knowledge should be defined.  Technical material should be placed in notes or appendices whenever possible.
  • Three descending levels of headings should be used periodically and consistently throughout the article.  They should be descriptive but brief.
  • Tables, charts, diagrams, and other graphic materials should be used for providing necessary information or clarification of central concepts.  They should be clean and uncluttered and should appear on separate pages. 
  • CMR uses endnote style (not scientific notation), and references or bibliographies should be folded into the notes (not listed as a separate section). Citation order should be author(s) (first name first), title of work, complete publication information (city, state, publisher, date or name of periodical, volume and issue number, date), and page number references.  The accuracy of citations and references is the responsibility of the author(s).
  • CMR uses the Chicago Manual of Style as primary reference source.
  • For more specific style questions, consult a recent issue of CMR or contact our Senior Editor Gundars Strads

Timeline Estimates
  • Queries will be promptly acknowledged.  If you do not receive a response within 10 business days, please follow up to ensure your request was received.
  • If an article is selected for external review, authors can normally expect a first publication decision within 12 to 16 weeks. There are exceptions.
  • Accepted articles are generally published within 6 to 8 months.
  • Submissions that are not selected for review will be responded to within four weeks.
  • CMR does not accept multiple submissions (manuscripts simultaneously submitted to other publications).



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