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Kelsey Chong is currently a third year at the University of California Berkeley, double majoring in Chinese and Japanese language with a Korean language minor. She intends to use her language skills to foster cross-cultural communications, specifically concentrating on Southeast and East Asia. Along with being an Editorial Intern at the California Management Review, Kelsey administrates her own Japanese language blog, Jvocab-of-the-day, facilitates both Japanese and Korean Language groups at UC Berkeley's Student Learning Center, and is the Co-President of UC Berkeley's East Asian Languages and Cultures Undergraduate Student Association. Her hobbies include tennis, international travel, and cooking. To view more of Kelsey's previous work experiences, feel free to visit her LinkedIn.

Michael Eliot is a Junior majoring in Computer Science at UC Berkeley and also writes for the Berkeley Technology Review (BTR) and the Berkeley Political Review (BPR). He has conducted research for the Haas School of Business in the University Research program and has served as a software engineer for the Berkeley Autonomous Drone Lab. He is currently Head Chair for the Berkeley Model United Nations (BMUN). In his spare time, he is an entrepreneur and co-founded and served as Chief Software Engineer for Goodzie while living in Europe for the summer. He can be contacted at or on LinkedIn

Daniel Ginsberg is a Regents' and Chancellor's Scholar at UC Berkeley, intending to studying within Haas' undergraduate business program. He is currently interested in financial market and macroeconomic analysis, along with intellectual property law and the ramifications of new inventions in the modern economy (i.e., creative destruction). In his free time, he enjoys studying Russian history and the Second World War. For any additional questions or comments, you can reach Daniel at

Trent Gomberg is a second year UC Berkeley student studying Molecular and Cell Biology. He works on molecular virology in a Dengue Virus research lab and hopes to eventually find a career in Computational Biology research or in the biotech industry. An avid rock climber and martial artist, Trent can be found looking for the nearest crag, taking a nap under a tree, or trying to kick something he shouldn’t. He often ponders, “what is business?”, “what does a business major do?”, and “where can I get a good burrito in this city?” You can reach Trent at

Katherine Lee is a third-year Environmental Science and Political Science double major at the University of California, Berkeley and an editorial assistant for the California Management Review. She specializes in natural resource policy and scarcity. To contact Katherine, please email

Elle Mahdavi is a freshman intending to major in Political Economy with a minor in Public Policy. She's involved in Berkeley Model United Nations and is interested in studying global governance. After graduating, she hopes to attend law school and receive a Master of Laws in International Law. Besides her scholarly pursuits, Elle appreciates and dabbles in the visual arts. To contact Elle, please email her

Danielle Miguel is currently a fourth year undergraduate at the University of California Berkeley, studying Public Health and Public Policy. With intentions of merging different aspects of healthcare, policy, and management, Miss Miguel hopes to better serve under-resourced communities such as her hometown of Richmond, CA. Alongside being an Editorial Intern for the California Management Review, she currently runs TAL, a high school mentorship with one of UC Berkeley's Recruitment & Retention Centers, REACH!, and serves as one of two Safety & Mental Health Directors in the Office of ASUC Senator Kathy Tran. Outside of her work on campus, Miss Miguel invests her time and passions in artistic expression (urban art, dance, etc.), international travel, blogging, running Star Wars and Lord of the Rings marathons, and going on spontaneous Bay Area adventures past midnight. You can connect with Danielle on LinkedIn.

Michael Pollack is a second year student at the University of California, Berkeley, studying Cognitive Science and Computer Science. Outside of school, Michael plays an active role in Model United Nations programs, serving as both a current member of Berkeley Model United Nations (BMUN) and a former Assistant Director for the International Model United Nations Association (IMUNA) at their conference in San Francisco. Michael hopes that through his work with Model United Nations programs, he can spread opportunities to build public speaking skills and develop a passion for international relations. In his free time, Michael enjoys hiking, rock-climbing, playing board games, and engaging in deep, potentially redundant research and analysis of various fictitious universes (most notably those of the Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, and Elder Scrolls franchises). You can reach Michael at

Dennis Takeshitais a second year History major intending to minor in Human Rights. He looks forward to attending grad school to pursue a PhD and later working as an analyst or professor in history. Through studying the history of politics, economics, and social developments, he hopes to positively influence the future. In his free time, he enjoys exercising, watching documentaries, and learning languages. You can reach Dennis via email or on LinkedIn.

Devyn White is a third-year at the University of California, Berkeley pursuing a B.A. in Political Economy with a strong interest in public policy and socioeconomic inequality. She is also an editorial assistant for the California Management Review. To contact Devyn, feel free to email her at




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