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The 4 Types of Leadership

How you communicate determines how you lead.

Carsten Lund Pedersen et al.  

Preparing for a New Era of Work

COVID-19 is redefining the nature of employee autonomy.

Carsten Lund Pedersen et al.  

Harness Natural Language Processing to Manage Supply Chain Risk

Artificial intelligence will revolutionize supply chain management.

T S Krishnan et al.  

IoT Platform Wars and the Battle of the Sexes

Standards wars in the burgeoning IoT space have slowed adoption.

Ram Shivakumar  

Four Steps to Preserving Privacy and Debiasing Data-Informed Policy

Machine learning can be a force for good, or a tool of surveillance and oppression.

Brian R. Spisak et al.  

The Uncertainty of Middle Management Jobs - And How to Stay Relevant

As AI and automation advances rapidly, the role and relevance of the middle manager is at risk.

Vijay Govindarajan et al.  

Strategy in Niche Markets

Successful entrepreneurs advocate establishing a tightly-focused niche for dedicated customers.

Ram Shivakumar  

Do Digital Technology Firms Earn Excess Profits?

Conventional accounting is often distorted in the digital technology sector.

Shivaram Rajgopal et al.  

Safeguarding Serendipitous Creativity During the COVID-19 Pandemic

How does a firm ensure creative interactions among people within and outside of the organization in pandemic conditions?

Shiko Ben-Menahem et al.  

The Future of Back to Work Requires a Hybrid Systems Thinking

The uncertainty created by COVID-19 requires agile adaptations from both employees and employers.

Tanusree Jain et al.  

Economics of Niche Markets

Aggregate spending concentration has declined, leading to an increase in niche consumption.

Ram Shivakumar  

Algorithmic Bias: Why Bother?

With the advent of AI, the impact of bias in algorithmic decisions will spread on an even wider scale.

Damini Gupta et al.  

De-Marketing Social Causes: Why Companies Shouldn't Promote Social Causes on Social Media

Insincere support can undermine a company's credibility.

Xin Wang et al.  

Corona-blues: The next hollowing-out of the economy

The pandemic has accelerated the decoupling of the digital economy from the real economy, with frightening implicatio...

Olaf J. Groth et al.  

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