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How Management and Game Theory Understand Strategy

CEOs and corporate boards would do well to learn the rudiments of game theory.

Ram Shivakumar  

Private sector. Don’t just stand there, do something BIG!

American companies have an obligation to address the country's inequality crisis.

Paul Danos et al.  

Who should care about the Facebook ad boycott?

More than 500 firms have committed to removing ads from Facebook.

corporate social responsibility
Vasilis Theoharakis et al.  

Coronavirus and the widening educational digital divide: The perfect storm for inequalities?

In digital classrooms, do students belonging to wealthier families have an unfair advantage over those from poorer fa...

Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin et al.  

Advice for Engaging in Influencer Marketing on Instagram and TikTok

Part 1 - Influencer marketing remains an important way to reach younger audiences.

Michael Haenlein et al.  

Choosing the Right Influencers on Instagram and TikTok

Part 2 - Brands need to carefully select the right influencers for particular campaigns.

Michael Haenlein et al.  

Privatized Open Source

Open source software is everywhere, but maintenance is becoming an intractable challenge.

Evan J. Zimmerman  

Navigating opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship under COVID-19

While the global pandemic may cause a market contraction, it also presents new opportunities.

Jason Li-Ying et al.  

Frugal Innovation: Knowledge-Based Dynamic Capabilities and Pandemic Response

Pursuing lower cost innovation strategies is important in times of recession.

Vaneet Kaur  

Government 4.0 and the Pandemic

To respond effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic, the digital transformation of government must go beyond remote work.

Nathalie de Marcellis-Warin et al.  

Conscious Customers and COVID-19

What can you do to help the economy?

Vivek Dalela et al.  

Knowledge-Based Dynamic Capabilities: Addressing the Knowns and Unknowns of Corona Chaos

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted collective gaps in knowledge.

Vaneet Kaur  

A COVID-19 Manhattan Project?

The global race for a cure will require a pragmatic approach to innovation that defies existing conventions in projec...

Donald Drakeman et al.  

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