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Volume 59, Issue 1 (Fall 2016)
The City as a Lab: Growing trends of urbanization have made cities the epicenter of innovation and entrepreneurship in our modern economy. Learn more in CMR's special issue on City Innovation.

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What Are Your Signature Stories?
A signature story is an intriguing, authentic, involving narrative with a strategic message that enables a firm to grow by enhancing its brand, customer relationships, and business strategy. (more)

Financing by and for the Masses: An Introduction to the Special Issue on Crowdfunding
This introduction to the special issue on crowdfunding begins by providing some information about the history and nature of the phenomenon. It then summarizes some of the key advantages and disadvantages of crowdfunding for entrepreneurs and for investors. (more)

Family-Driven Innovation: Resolving the Paradox in Family Firms
Family firms are the most ubiquitous form of business in the world. But are family businesses innovative? This article introduces a framework called Family-Driven Innovation based on three internally consistent contingency factors. (more)

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Homes For Homeless
Urban areas across the United States are struggling to provide resources for homeless populations. Students in USC architecture program have partnered with a local NGO to provide a solution, creating the space for new initiatives to provide homes for the homeless. Read more about the innovative potential for cities to address homelessness.(more)

Potential Pitfalls of Limiting Translation Services to Native Speakers
In the translation industry, native speakers have been widely accepted as ideal employees to hire. However, new findings have suggested that being a native speaker is no longer enough, leading to shifts in the labor market.(more)

You've Got Mail: Integrating the USPS into the Circular Economy
Consumers play a essential role in the lifecycle of products - but many items are often thrown away or left to sit in a drawer, when they could be reclaimed or recycled. Our postal services can provide a solution to the problem of reuse. (more)

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Dynamic Capabilities: An Introduction

based on the Special Issue edited by David Teece

The Innovation Economy is defined by revolution. Just when you think you've got it all figured out... Everything will change in an instant. The best organizations are agile. When faced with deep uncertainty, they arm themselves with information. They seize new opportunities. And they transform entire industries. What was once optional is now essential. Evaluate every tool. Uncover every advantage.

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