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Volume 60, Issue 3 (Spring 2018)
Our latest special issue focuses on the circular economy, a new paradigm of industrial organization that promises to radically improve the efficiency and sustainability of our markets and firms.

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How to Scale Crowdsourcing Platforms
By encouraging external innovators to contribute to value creation, crowdsourcing platforms can grow significantly in size and revenue while keeping costs low. But quickly and sustainably scaling crowdsourcing platforms is still a daunting challenge. (more)

How to Improve the Accuracy and Reduce the Cost of Personnel Selection
Traditional job interviews are notoriously poor predictors of actual work performance. This article describes some of the shortcomings, and provides solutions: use structured interviews, and implement more objective forms of assessment. (more)

Decentralization and Localization of Production
Additive manufacturing has been called "the third industrial revolution." The widespread adoption of 3D printing will dramatically change the business landscape over the coming decades by disrupting existing models of manufacturing and distribution that rely on economies of scale. (more)

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Beyond Environmentalism: Corporate Sustainability and Political Responsibility
Sustainable business models come from corporations embracing their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Corporate Political Responsibility (CPR) – both in letter and spirit. CSR reports from companies is becoming a standard; but are there vital political metrics companies omit in their transparency reports? (more)

More Than a Clean Cup: Can Starbucks Innovate from Within?
Following its recent implicit bias training, Starbucks has a unique opportunity to engage frontline employees by asking how they would reduce racial bias in their stores. The company could gain more engaged employees and reduce turnover by turning its employees into corporate social innovators. (more)

How to Start an AI Project in Your Business
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is alluring. But in its current incarnation, AI is nothing more than a tool. And like all business tools, they are only effective when the right processes are built around it. (more)

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What is the Circular Economy?
The circular economy is a new paradigm of industrial organization that could eliminate 100 million tons of waste globally in the next five years alone.

Nature as a Model: 3D Printing and the
Circular Economy

3D printing has the potential to become the manufacturing infrastructure for a sustainable circular economy, because it closely resembles the process that nature uses to create all living things.

Open Innovation and Disruptive Technology
Computer networks have ushered in a new era of collaborative innovation. Decentralization allows breakthrough ideas to surface from all over the world. And the open innovation model can help companies build the future.

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