Utilizing Big Data

Digital Data Streams: Creating Value from the Real-Time Flow of Big Data
There is no escaping the Big Data hype. More data is generated now than at any point during the past. Digital data streams tap into the flow of new information, providing an opportunity for firms to improve real-time decision making. (more)

How to Use Big Data to Drive Your Supply Chain
Big Data analytics has become an imperative for business leaders across all industries. Most leading companies use big data analytics to optimize their supply chains, but implementation isn't always simple. (more)


Managing Communication

What Are Your Signature Stories?   FEATURED 
A signature story is an intriguing, authentic, involving narrative with a strategic message that enables a firm to grow by enhancing its brand, customer relationships, and business strategy. (more)

Frame or Get Framed: The Critical Role of Issue Framing in Nonmarket Management
How a social or political issue is framed shapes the nonmarket context that surrounds it. These frames are not random; rather, they are the product of strategic behaviors by firms, government agencies, NGOs, and similar actors. (more)


Strategy and Organization

Open Business Models and Closed-Loop Value Chains: Redefining the Firm-Consumer Relationship
Driven by recent socio-economic developments, manufacturing firms increasingly adapt their business models to focus on the entire life cycle of their products and simultaneously allowing consumers to have greater involvement. (more)

Addressing Competitive Responses to Acquisitions
Mergers and acquisitions are an enormous part of corporate strategy, affecting a corporation’s supply chain, culture, and competitiveness. But mergers can often inspire retaliation from competitors that seek to undermine potential advantages. (more)

Revolution Foods: Expansion into the CPG Market
Revolution Foods is a fast-growing, $100 million for-profit organization that has become a high-profile social enterprise, best known for its healthy school lunch program. The founders sought to expand the brand by creating a new line of consumer products. (more)


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