Special Issue on City Innovation

The City as a Lab: Open Innovation Meets the Collaborative Economy
Boyd Cohen, Esteve Almirall, and Henry Chesbrough

Rise of the Startup City: The Changing Geography of the Venture Capital Financed Innovation
Richard Flordia and Charlotta Mellander

The Open Kimono: Toward a General Framework for Open Data Initiatives in Cities
Pascual Berrone, Joan E. Ricart, and Carlos Carrasco

The Making of the Urban Entrepreneur
Pablo Muñoz and Boyd Cohen

A Smart City is a Collaborative Community: Lessons from Smart Aarhus
Charles C. Snow, Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson, and Børge Obel

Governing the City: Unleashing Value from the Business Ecosystem
Ivanka Visnjic, Andy Neely, Carmelo Cennamo, and Nikola Visnjic

Smart Cities at the Crossroads: New Tensions in City Transformation
Esteve Almirall, Jonathan Wareham, Carlo Ratti, Pilar Conesa, Francesca Bria, Anibal Gaviria, and Amy Edmondson

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