Business Models

Circular Business Model Transformation: A Roadmap for Incumbent Firms
by Johan Frishammar and Vinit Parida

Business Model Responses to Digital Piracy
by Paolo Aversa, Andres Hervas-Drane, and Morgane Evenou

Artificial Intelligence as a Growth Engine for Health Care Startups: Emerging Business Models
by Massimo Garbuio and Nidthida Lin

Simple Rules for a Network Efficiency Business Model: The Case of Vizio
by Sayan Chatterjee and Kurt Matzler

Sharing Economy Services: Business Model Generation
by Uday M. Apte and Mark M. Davis

Strategy and Organization

Configuring the Last-Mile in Business-to-Consumer E-Retailing
by Stanley Frederick W. T. Lim and Matthias Winkenbach

How Managers Perceive Real-Time Management: Thinking Fast & Flow
by Pernille Rydén and Omar A. El Sawy


Core Concepts

Vizio: Network Efficiency
Vizio leveraged an efficiency-based business model to become the dominant flat panel TV vendor in the United States.

E-Retail: The Last Mile Problem
Many customers now expect a consistent, convenient shopping experience across different channels and devices. But providing that experience can become a logistical challenge.

Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare
The future of health care may change dramatically as entrepreneurs offer solutions that change how we prevent, diagnose, and cure health conditions, using artificial intelligence (AI).

Responding to Digital Piracy
Digital piracy challenges firms by reducing revenues and shifting consumption habits. Recently, some firms like Spotify and Netflix have worked to find a new viable business model.

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