Some Uses of Model Prototypes in an Operations Research Study

by A. Charnes, W. Cooper



Management planning problems are often so huge and unwieldy that it is necessary to attack them with a variety of devices. One strategy involves the use of model types and prototypes. This is the topic which will be discussed in this paper in the context of a long-range oil field development problem. One of which has aspects that are common to many attempts at long range facilities planning. These prototypes-or mockups-are designed to preserve essential features of the relevant elements of structure while eliminating the welter of detail which encumbers the actual problem. Most management planning problems that have been encountered in OR (Operations Research) work, at least to date appear to have very definite structural features which can be used to advantage in mathematical manipulation and analyses. Even very large problems appear to the composed of a series of smaller inter-related problems or models, each with a very definite structure which can be approximated by more or less standard types of models.

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