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  • CMR publishes original articles that are research based and that address issues of current concern to managers.
  • We ask reviewers to give us their opinions as to the article's appropriateness for publication in the California Management Review. Reviewers should consider not only its content, but also its intended audience, keeping in mind that CMR’s subscribers are evenly divided between academics and practitioners. Therefore, we are interested in publishing manuscripts that are not only academically sound, but which make an important and useful contribution to the practice of management.
  • To elaborate, we’re looking for content that can be taught in business schools or that work in other fields that are applicable to management functions and practices. Articles should extend our knowledge of a given topic either by building upon existing theories or by presenting new empirical work. To that end, submissions should be very well-grounded in research and reference any current noteworthy publications in the field related to the chosen topic.
  • We’re particularly interested in manuscripts that focus on corporate strategy and organization, the management of technology, business and public policy, and managing in the global business economy. Equally important is that it have broader appeal (we remain a general management journal) and be useful to practicing managers (offering prescriptive advice that readers can walk away with that will help them in their decisions as a manager).
  • Articles that present the results of original research and analysis are given high priority, but we also invite reports on business surveys; analyses or descriptions of new or revised business techniques; and perspectives on contemporary social, economic, and political issues. We also welcome articles by practitioners on contemporary business policies and practices as well as revisions of papers originally prepared for academic conferences or scholarly publications.


  • Please submit reviews within 3 weeks from date of original request. If more time is needed, reviewer should select the "Conditionally Agree" option to review and send a separate e-mail to notifying Associate Editor of how much more time is needed or identifying any other conditions necessary for review.
  • Once all reviews are received, an editorial decision is made within 2 weeks. Reviewers will not be notified of rejected articles, but reviewers will be notified if an article they reviewed has been accepted for publication.
  • When reviewers indicate that an article is potentially publishable, they can expect to receive a revised version of the article for further review.
  • Accepted articles are generally published within six (6) to nine (9) months.

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