The Feeling Economy: Managing in the Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The capability of AI is currently expanding beyond mechanical and repetitive ...


Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources Management: Challenges and a Path Forward

There is a substantial gap between the promise and reality of artificial inte...


A Brief History of Artificial Intelligence: On the Past, Present, and Future of Artificial Intelligence

This introduction to this special issue discusses artificial intelligence (AI...


The Three Stages of Disruptive Innovation: Idea Generation, Incubation, and Scaling

Facing imminent disruption, many large, established firms have embraced innov...


Innovation, Dynamic Capabilities, and Leadership

The world in which today’s businesses operate has become not only riskier but...


Introducing a Circular Economy: New Thinking with New Managerial and Policy Implications

Since the industrial revolution, we have been living in a linear economy. Our...

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