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Why Does Misinformation Spread So Quickly?

How should organizations successfully address anti-vaccination messaging?

Xin Wang et al.  

It's time to develop local production and supply networks

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the need for multinationals to reconsider global supply chains.

Rajat Panwar  

Strategically engaging with China's Relational Digital Ecosystem

China's model of online competition remains largely unknown in the West.

Dan Prud'homme et al.  

Three Attributes of Strategy

Because strategy is not a complete plan, interdependencies account for eventual outcomes.

Ram Shivakumar  

Why Giants Stumble

Why do large successful public companies and their CEOs suddenly weaken?

California Management Review  

Strategy as Questions

The practice of strategy remains an elusive skill for many companies, but framing strategy as a series of questions c...

Ram Shivakumar  

Leadership Change at General Electric – Dynamic, Adaptive Leadership in Play

When former CEO Jeff Immelt left GE in 2017, the company faced the challenge of adjusting its focus to better compete...

Marina Arshavskiy  

The Fate of the Electric Guitar

Electric guitar manufacturers have been in a downward slide for nearly a decade, mirroring rock music's decline in po...

David Salisbury  

The Key to Keeping Up: Dynamic Capabilities

In rapidly changing business environments - like the technology sector - the dynamic capabilties of sensing, seizing,...

Amanda Wong  

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